Return to the BUILDING

Join us Sunday at 10:30am, as we worship together back in the sanctuary!

This is a brief overview of what our “Return to the Building” will look like on Oct 11 and beyond. 

This guidance document details the planned conduction of services at Northampton Christian Church during the period of COVID19 concern. These procedures will be in place until the Elders determine they are not needed or need to be modified. Cooperation from the congregation will be key to succeeding in this effort. 

Face masks are required within the building. Masks may be removed for communion, but they should always otherwise remain worn. 

Seating will be on a “first-come, first-seated” basis, with individuals not allowed to choose their own seats. We will primarily seat people from the front of the auditorium to the back but will need to make accommodation for varying family group size. After service, we will release people from the back to the front to maintain required separation. 

You will be seated individually with 6’ separation between family units as described by the Governors’ Executive Order. If you do not live together, you should not sit together. 

We have moved the pews to storage and setup individual chairs. The chairs will be placed to help us ensure the desired level of protection, so please do not move the chairs. 

To maximize the separation as designed, we ask you to limit bathroom usage. It is difficult to ensure desired separation both during movement to and from the bathrooms and once inside. We will limit all bathrooms to single occupancy (parents/guardians may accompany and take their children with them), implemented a one in – one out protocol, and will have placed directional paths marked on the floor leading to and from them. In addition, a volunteer will be available to guide you and help ensure desired separation. 

Many parts of the building will be “closed” to eliminate the required sanitization. We will have signs up to help guide you. Please cooperate with us on this. 

When you arrive, a volunteer will ask you to confirm that you do not have specific symptoms and confirm you have on a face covering prior to allowing you to enter the building. Another volunteer will then hand you prepackaged communion and anything else needed via a disinfected container. We ask you to place any trash or unwanted objects in the trash upon departure from the building. 

One of the hardest parts of this is that as a church family we are also a social group. For this time of abundant caution, we ask that you limit personal interactions to when you are outside the building. This will keep us in compliance with regulations. There is both a spatial and temporal aspect to risk of transmission and many churches have had outbreaks.

We have the CDC guidance for disinfecting the facility following a confirmed case of COVID19 within the building. Following that guidance, we do not anticipate a need to suspend services following entry of a confirmed case of the virus within the building. We will attempt to perform contact tracing to identify anyone who may have been exposed and make notifications.

Other decisions that may impact you:

Each week we will perform a detailed disinfection of the building per the CDC, state, and local guidance. 

  • We will not have nursery, children’s programming, or Bible School classes. We hope everyone feels comfortable bringing their children into worship with them. It will be like in the ‘olden’ days. 
  • If you wish to use the building for Bible study groups, please contact an elder. However, the building will be off limits between the Disinfecting Team treatment and the Sunday morning service.
  • We will not offer coffee service, but individuals can continue to bring their own into the auditorium. 
  • While we have relocated the pew Bibles, they remain available if needed. You will just need to request one from an usher. 
  • We will have turned off water fountain and soda machine and placed signs to indicate that they are not available. This is to avoid the disinfecting difficulty that they present. 
  • We have a detailed plan we created for this effort. If you wish to review that plan, please contact us.