Tithing is our foundation of giving.

The Bible teaches us a baseline standard for giving: the tithe. When we give the first 10% of our income to the church, we show the Lord we put Him first in our lives. Tithing is an act of worship that expresses our gratitude, faith, and love for others.  At Northampton, we offer three options for giving:

  1. Direct giving (cash or check)- Tithes and offerings are collected each Sunday morning, or can even be mailed to Northampton directly
  2. Automatic bank draft- With most banks, you can automatically send a check to our address, and even schedule regular donations for the future. Your bank’s online banking website will generally have info on how to get started, usually under a heading like Make a Payment. Have payments sent to the address listed below
  3. Online giving- The link below will take you to our donation site, which provides a secure and easy way to make cashless donations.

Our ministry is supported entirely through the giving of members and guests. Any gift, no matter how small, is welcome and appreciated. It is our aim to use these funds as efficiently as possible, to further the Lord's work in our community and beyond.

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