Join us Sunday at 10:30am, as we worship together “drive-in” style!

Unfortunately due to the coronavirus, we won’t be able to gather for worship in our building, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be creative! Load up your crew, and drive on over to Northampton to sing, pray, have communion (provided,) and learn at the drive-in! 

We’ll save you a parking space!

Everyone is invited to attend worship service at our parking lot, or you can watch online streaming at:
FaceBook Live


A Few Guidelines:

-Our building will be inaccessible, so please use the restroom prior to attending
-Families that live together can travel in and attend in the service in the same car
-Please enter and park where directed- spacing will be directed for state/local compliance
-Our service will be transmitted by via FM radio signal- be sure your stereo works!
-If you are in a “high risk” category, do not feel obligated to attend!

-Seating will also be provided under our Pavilion for those who wish to attend "in person."