worship leader

Northampton Christian Church is seeking a musically talented, energetic, creative, and committed individual, to become our part-time Worship Leader. This individual would plan dynamic worship experiences, lead the congregation through song, assist with A/V technical aspects, and coordinate and build a worship team.

the ideal candidate will:

The ideal Worship Leader candidate will:

·       Be a growing Christian, in faith and character.

·       Be passionate in bringing God’s people close to His heart in worship- possessing the heart of a worshipper rather than a performer.

·       Be a creative individual, who can assist in creating dynamic worship experiences.

·       Be an accomplished and experienced musician with instrumental and vocal skills.

·       Have previous experience of leading worship, developing a worship team, and working in a church setting.

·       Have good interpersonal skills and the ability to relate and communicate with people at all levels

·       Be self-motivated.

·       Have a positive and encouraging attitude.

·       Be professionally aware. “Professional awareness” is being self-aware in the workplace, and mindful of the environment you are ministering in. (ie. not wearing a t-shirt to a funeral, being respectful to the elderly and leadership, etc.)

·       Be willing to work in coordination with the Lead Minister.

Although formal education is not a predetermining factor for the selection of the new Worship Leader, a degree in Ministry, Creative Arts, Music, or a similar field is preferred.

For more information, contact:

Chris Stanley